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About Us

About Us


The Immaculate Conception I-College of Arts and Technology (ICICAT) envisions itself to be a paramount provider of excellent education that will develop competent and skilled leaders in harmony with the global economic community.



  1. ICI-CAT commits to provide innovative academic programs that are responsive to students’ needs through linkages to other learning, business and technological institutions, local and international.
  2. ICI-CAT provides scholarship programs through efficient management of its internal and external resources to deserving and qualified students; and
  3. ICI-CAT promote Filipino identity, culture and values.



  1. To innovate academic programs responsive to global standards;
  2. To provide holistic and well-rounded student development and scholarship programs;
  3. To maintain modern facilities, laboratories and school environment which are at par with the industry;
  4. To establish strong partneship and linkages with industries, government and non-government organizations, local and international;
  5. To craft researches that will contribute to the growth of the academic community and other stakeholders; and
  6. To implement community development programs and projects that will help the marginalized members of our society.



ICI, a private non-sectarian higher educational institution, believes that virtue builds character, knowledge and excellence.



Humble Beginnings

            It is through the vision of establishing a higher learning institution that would promise rewarding careers for the youth that Immaculate Conception I- College of Arts and Technology (ICICAT) was founded on March 5, 2008.

            Starting out with few rooms in a three-storey building, with the basic facilities required by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), Prof. Neil B. Mateo, the school director, set out to establish ICI as a school that would aim to develop excellent learners through effective and innovative educational strategies.

            Soon after it was conceptualized and set up, ICI was issued its Certificates of Program Registration to operate on May 14, 2008. Immediately after the issuance of the permits from TESDA, the school opened up its door for its first enrollees seeking better opportunities.

            At the opening of academic year 2008-2009, ICI welcomed to its fold 272 students enrolled in technical-vocational courses in Hotel and Restaurant Services, Information Technology , Computer Science, Computer Technology and Front Office and Call Center Management.

            Soon enough, ICI became a member of the two well-known academic organizations in Bulacan, namely, Bulacan Private Schools Association (BULPRISA) and Bulacan Association of Technical Schools (BATS).

             The first year of ICI posted a number of impressive achievements for a young school. On February 4, 2009, freshmen HRS students emerged as champions in Dessert Making in the Culinary Arts Competition of the 2009 Chicharon and Tuge Festival over different colleges in Sta. Maria, Bulacan. In the same event, ICons got the 2nd place in the chicharon centerpiece category. On February 23, 2009 the school grabbed the Over-all Champion in 2009 Bulacan Provincial Skills Competition. ICI got 2 golds, 1 silver and 3 bronzes in different skills events in hotel and restaurant services, food processing, information technology, and electronics. More than 20 schools in Bulacan participated in the biggest skills competition in the province.

            ICI encourages and nurtures the holistic development of its students through various extra-curricular activities. There are various student formations and organizations that cater to the diverse interests of today’s youth. The school also encourages cultural interaction among the students. As a matter of fact, in the first year of the school, Korean delegates from Korean Youth Summer Work Camp 2008 were invited to ICI for socio-cultural exchange activities.

             On March 5, 2009 the drive for improvement and development and full awareness of its responsibility to be an agent of change, ICI Officials and Board of Directors expressed their intention to enter a consortium agreement to offer degree courses with the University of Regina Carmeli – City of Malolos(presently known as La Consolacion University Philippines), a CHED deregulated status university and ISO certified institution. After several meetings, reviews, and evaluation of the capabilities of ICI to offer extension classes, Sr. Niceta M. Vargas, OSA, URC President and the late ICI Prof. Emilia C. Mateo signed a Memorandum  of Agreement. In June 2009, ICI offered degree programs in Computer Science, Hospitality Management, Business, and Education major in English.

             In June 2012, to fulfill one of the missions of ICI to provide innovative programs it formally offered its own 6 new degree programs: Bachelor of Science in Copmputer Science, Bachelor of Science in Information Systems, Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship, Bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology, and Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management. Recognition to these programs was granted by CHED on January, 2015.

             To maintain our competitive advantage and to cater to the needs of the K-12 first batch of graduates, the management expands its curricular programs starting SY 2018-2019. CHED’s permit to offer the following programs was granted March 2018.

  1.  Bachelor of Science in Accountancy
  2.  Bachelor of Science in Psychology
  3.  Bachelor of Science in Criminology
  4.  Bachelor of Arts in Communication
  5.  Bachelor of Physical Education
  6.  Bachelor of Technical Vocational Teacher Education Major in Food and Service Management

             Only in its ten years of existence in the field of education, ICI proved its successes and determination in providing quality education to the youth. And as it faces  the future, ICI will continue to promote quality education and to be a paramount provider of competent individuals who are capable of becoming future leaders in various industries.



Atty. Normita L. Villanueva, Chairman of the Board, President

Engr. Brian Emerson, Member, Vice President

Mrs. Milagros Mateo, Member, Secretary

Mrs. Luisa Mariano, Member, Treasurer

Atty. Perlita Mateo-Sagmit, Member