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B.1. Requirements

B.1.1.  New Students

  1. Report  Card (F-138) or the original copy of Form  137.
  2. Certification of Good Moral Character from the Principal, Guidance Counselor or  Adviser  of the  school where the student came from.
  3. Original PSA Certified Birth Certificate.
  4. Four (4) I.D Pictures
  5. Students must undergo the College Assessment Test.

B.1.2. Transfer Students 

Together with the requirements for all new students, the transferee student must comply with :

  1. Transfer  credentials and certifications of the subjects taken from the previous school .
  2. The student  transferee  should undergo interview with the Discipline Officer and  must sign a Behavioral Contract.

B.1.3.Foreign Students

  1. Written evaluation by the CHED of the studies done abroad.
  2. Photostat copy of the Alien Certification of Residence (ACR) and Birth Certificate
  3. Bureau of Immigration (BI) Student VISA Permit.


C.1. Official Enrollment

Students shall be considered officially enrolled only upon payment and validation of their initial

school fees. The initial school fees shall include all or part of tuition fees, miscellaneous and other fees.

C.2. Student Load and Subject Sequence

C.2.1. Students shall conform to the subject load and sequence contained in their curriculum. As a rule, students shall complete the general education subjects before taking major or professional  subjects.

C.2.2. A student shall be allowed only to enroll the pre-requisite and the advanced subjects simultaneously under any of the following conditions:

  • He shall have a general percentage average (GPA) of 2.50 (80% - 82%) or higher during the last 2 semesters.
  • He shall be in his final semester.

C 2.3. Overload

Effective SY 2000- 2001, CHED has decentralized the prerogative to approve applications for overload to the Registrar’s Offices of different Higher Educational Institutions. The CHED allows  overload in order not to burden the students and parents with the time and costs associated  with an additional semester of study.

  1. Students shall be allowed to enroll an overload of three(3) units per semester only for the purpose of fulfilling a pre-requisite or to acquire regular status.
  2. Students in their final term shall be allowed to enroll six(6) units over and above the number  of units allowed in their final term.
  3. Graduating students who are not necessarily in their final semester shall apply for the programmed overload if the intended subject to be taken is not regularly offered in  their  final semester.

C.3. Shifting of Course

Students who wish to shift to another course shall secure a shifting form from the Registrar’s office and have it approved by his current Dean and the receiving Dean. 

C.4. Returning Students

All students who have stopped or withdrawn from the roll and now wish to re-enroll must comply the following:

  1. Secure the Returning Slip and Clearance from the Registrar’s office.
  2. Accomplish the slip form.
  3. The student returnee should undergo interview with the Discipline Officer and must sign the Behavioral Contract.

C.5 Old Students

Old Students must pre-register for the following school year except those who have been found waiting in the proper compliance of school rules and regulations. In this regard,these students must first secure the proper clearance from the Subject Area Coordinator’s Office.

C.6. Scholars

Recipients of the scholarship are required to:

  1. Submit the certification of qualification.
  2. Comply with the admission policies of ICI.

 C.7. Registration Regulations

  1. Every student must comply with the requirement and must follow the enrolment procedure. His/her name will only be included in the official list submitted to CHED if he/she is officially enrolled.
  2. The Registrar schedules adding and dropping/changing of subjects’ schedule.
  3. Students are required to observe the proper sequencing of subjects. Pre-requiste subjects must be credited or passed before the succeeding course subject,otherwise both subjects are invalid.

School Fees

D.1. General Guidelines

D.1.1.  All students shall pay a non-refundable enrollment fees.

D.1.2. The policy on the refund of school fees shall be guided by the provisions of the Manual Regulations for Private Schools, 8th Edition:

 “ A student who transfers or otherwise withdraws in writing, within two weeks after the beginning of classes and who has already paid the pertinent  tuition and other school  fees in full or for any length longer than one month may be charged 10% of the total amount due for the term if he withdraws anytime after the second week of classes regardless of whether  or not he has actually attended classes. However, if the transfer or withdrawal is due to justifiable reason, the student shall be charged the pertinent fees only up to and including the last month of attendance.”

D.2. Mode of Payment

Fees shall be paid in cash or installment basis. Installment basis shall be divided into five (5) equal payments. The first payment shall be due upon enrollment and the payment of the remaining four(4) installments shall be determined by the Accounting and Finance Department.

Scholarships and Discounts

The following rules and regulations shall guide students who wish to avail of the scholarships:

E.1. Academic Scholarship

The Academic Scholarship Program provides a merit-based financial assistance to the students of ICI who have demonstrated exceptional academic achievement.

1.1. All senior high school graduates who obtain the highest honor equivalent to 96% and above from a population of more than 100 entering the 1st year level are eligible to apply. This scholarship grant is valid only for the initial semester. They shall enjoy an initial scholarship grant of 100% discount on tuition fees.

1.2. Dean’s Listers’ Scholarship

For a student to qualify in the Dean’s List, he must meet the residency of two(2)semesters or one(1) year of continuous studies and should be enrolled in not less than eighteen(18)  units for the semester of which he is seeking the inclusion.

  • Benefits/Privileges
  • 100% discount on tuition fees for students who obtained a GPA of 1.25 with no grade lower than 1.50;
  • 75% discount on tuition fees for students who obtained a GPA of 1.50 with no grade lower than 1.75;
  • 50% discount on tuition fees for students who obtained a GPA of 1.75 with no grade lower than 2.0.

1.3. Academic Partial Scholarship

                           Ten percent (10%) discount on tuition fees is given for students who enrolled 18 units in a semester with no grade lower than 2.0.

1.4. Student Assistantship Program

The SAP aims to support students who are deserving but financially handicapped. It is designed to enable the students pursue their college education by working part-time in the different  offices of the college.

1.4.1. Criteria/Eligibility

The qualification of the SAP applicants are as follows:

  • The parents/guardians have insufficient resources to finance the applicant’s studies;
  • Must pass the interview conducted by the Head of the Office of Student Services;
  • Must be of good moral conduct and integrity; and
  • Should be physically fit to work and study.

1.4.2. The student assistants (SA) shall enjoy 100% discounts on tuition and miscellaneous fees.

1.4.3. Retention Policy

* SA must carry a minimum load of 18 units per semester;

* Must maintain a GPA of not lower than 2.50 and have no failing grade; and

* Must have a performance appraisal rating of not lower than 80%.  

E.2. Athletics and Cultural Scholarships

ICI Athletics and Cultural Program mold  individuals to become morally, emotionally, intelectually and physically fit.  

  1. Eligibility

All bonafide students of ICI who have a strong passion for sports and culture  are eligible to apply .

2.2. Qualifications/Criteria

2.2.1. Be at least 16 – 23 years old;

2.2.2. Pass the tryouts/audition

2.2.3. Be physically and psychologically fit to play and study;

2.2.4. Be of good moral character and has never been subjected to any disciplinary action.

2.3. Benefits

* All members of the varsity team shall enjoy a 25% discount on tuition fees provided he/she actively participates in the training programs intended for them;

* Athletes/Dancers shall enjoy a 100% discount on tuition fees, on the following school year, provided the team or himself become champion in  the event he/she competed.

2.4. Retention Policy

* He must pass at least 70% of his enrolled subjects;

* Must be free of any disciplinary sanction.

E. 3. Board of Directors Scholarships

Members of the ICI Board of Directors believe that “charity begins at home”. This scholarship is given to deserving students of their choice.

  1. All BOD  scholars shall enjoy 100% discount on tuition fees and miscellaneous fees and only pay a registration fee of ? 1,000.00;
  2. Must carry a minimum load of 18 units per   semester;

3.3. Must maintain a GPA of not lower than 2.50 and have no failing grade; and

3.4. Be of good moral character and has never been subjected to any disciplinary action.

  1. Policies on Examinations

F.1. Major Examinations

1.1. There are two (2) major examinations in a semester: Midterm,  and Final Examination.

1.2. The schedules of the major examinations shall be posted on the bulletin boards at least one(1) week before the exams.

1.3. Every student shall present his valid examination permit to the faculty/proctor before taking his examinations.

1.4. The valid examination permit must be secured from the Accounting Office one(1) week before the examination day.

1.5. Students with temporary permits shall be allowed to take the major examinations only on the date specified in the permit.

F.2. Special Examinations

Special examinations shall be given to students who failed to take the scheduled major exam due to severe illness or other compelling reasons as approved by the Dean of the department he belongs.

  • Students who failed to take the special examination within two(2) weeks after the scheduled dates of major examination (midterm) shall automatically get a score of zero(0).
  • Failure to take the final examination shall result in a final grade of incomplete (INC) for the subject.

G.  Grading System

G.1. ICI adopts the numeric equivalent system as follows:

% Equivalent

Numeric Equivalent



















74 and below


For non- numerical marks:




Unauthorized Withdrawal


Authorized Withdrawal


Failure due to absences


Non -  Appearance

  • INC – An incomplete mark may be given only to students whose performance in the first two grading periods were passing but was not, for valid reasons, able to take the final examination or submit a subject requirement at the end of the semester to warrant completion of the grade. The student is given one(1) year to complete from the semester in which the student incur the incomplete grade. Failure to complete in the specified period of completion shall automatically become a failing grade(5.00).
  •  UW – This is given to students who incur more than the allowed number of absences before the midterm period.
  • DRPD- This is given to students who officially withdraw his enrollment from the school by accomplishing the dropping form, which can be secured from the Registrar’s Office. Such form is presented and duly signed by the instructor/professor of the subject.
  • FA – This is given to students who incur more than the allowed number of absences after the midterm period.
  • NA- This is given to students who officially enroll in a subject but does not appear in the class.

G.2. For regular subjects, the final grade shall be computed as follows:

Final Grade  =  Midterm Grade + Final Periodic Grade  ÷ 2

* For Periodic Grade(Midterm Grade, and Final Periodic Grade), it is computed as:

Term Grade  =  3/5 Class Participation  +  2/5 Periodic Examination( Class Participation includes unit test, book reports, quizzes, assignments, term papers, etc. )

2.1. Grades in a subject consisting of lecture and laboratory are weighted accordingly and expressed in complete mark or grade. The professor/instructor gives the grades or marks in the lecture and laboratory separately.

Retention Policy

H.1. After admission to ICI, the student, regardless of year level, must maintain good moral character at all times.

H.2. S/he must adhere to the rules of conduct as stipulated in the Student Discipline Code of ICI.

H.3. S/he shall always act in a manner that will uphold the honor, dignity, and prestige of the College.

H.4. The student is expected to pass all the courses including GENED, PE and NSTP as prescribed by the curriculum.

H.5. The student records will be evaluated every semester for purposes of retention guided by the  following standards:

5.1. Any student who has received two (2) successive warnings shall be placed under PROBATION.

5.2. Probation status of a student may be lifted upon passing all the subjects carried during the term  he is under probation.

5.3. Any students under probation who again fails in 50% or more of the total number of his  academic units enrolled will be advised to enroll to another course in ICI, provided the Dean of  the receiving course evaluated the aptitude and the interest of the student concern.

5.4. Permanent disqualification does not apply to cases, where on recommendation of the faculty  concerned, he certifies that the grade of 5.0 is due to unauthorized withdrawal or due to absences of the student and not to poor performance in the class.

% Failure

No. of Units enrolled


Allowable load for the ff. semester

25% - 49%

Any number of academic units


Less 3 units from the normal load

50% - 75%

6 academic units or more


15 units only

76%  or more

9 academic units or more

Advised to shift  to another course

15 units only


9 academic units or more

Dismissal from college



  1. To be eligible for the Practicum, the third year or fourth year student must have completed successfully all the courses and its equivalent number of units of the first two and three years respectively of the enrolled program inclusive of summer including GENED, PE and NSTP.

H. 6. Admission/Retention Policy for Specific Programs

6. A. To be admitted in all bachelor’s degree programs, except for board courses, a student must have a general average of at least 80%;

6. B. For board courses, a student must have a general average of 85% and above;

6. C.S/he must pass the College Admission Test.

6.1. BSTM Program

6. 1. 1. Before taking a higher Tourism major course, pre-requisite courses must be enrolled and passed.

6. 1. 2.A student who fails in a subject/s must re-enroll in that subject.

6. 1. 3.A student will not be admitted in the Department on the succeeding semester, after due process based on the following grounds:

* Incapacitating diseases such as cancer, heart disease and/or communicable disease, supported with a medical certificate from the College Doctor;

* Not attending in extra- curricular and co-curricular activities of the Department, or the College.

H. 6. 2. BSIS/BSCS/BSAT/BSEnt Program

6.2.1. For the first 2 years, a student must have passed all his/her subjects to retain in the program.

6.2.2. He/she must pass the qualifying examination given by the Department every after 2 succeeding semesters.

6.2.3. A student who shall incur a “no credit” (NC) rating or a failing grade, the Department reserves the right NOT TO ALLOW a student to continue with  the program enrolled and/or be under the Department based on the  RETENTION POLICIES of the college.

H. 6. 3. BS Psychology/BS Criminology/AB Mass Communication

  1.  3. 1. A student must maintain a grade not lower than

80%/2.5 in any of the subjects enrolled in the first (4) four semesters to retain in the program.

H. 6. 4. BS Accountancy     

       6. 4. 1. For the first 2 years, a student must pass the qualifiying examination given by the Department every after 2 succeeding semesters.

6. 4. 2. Any student who obtains a grade lower than 80%/2.50 in any of the enrolledsubjects will be advised to transfer to BSAT, BSEnt, or to another program.

6. 4. 3. He/She must maintain a grade of 85%/2.25 or above for all his/her major board subjects.

H. 6. 5. BPE/BTVTEd

     6. 5. 1 A student must maintain a grade not lower than 85%/2.25 in any of the subjects enrolled in the first (4) four semesters to retain in the program.

I. Maximum Residency Requirement

I.1. A student  pursuing a 4-year degree program, should not exceed six (6) years, from their initial enrollment in ICI, whether regular/full-time or part-time; regardless of whether they shifted to another degree course;

I.2.Any student who exceeds the indicated length of residence will not be allowed to continue his/her program in the college. 

Graduation Policies

J.1. Candidates for graduation are required to file an application at the Registrar’s Office within the first month of their last semester in the college.

J.2.  Only students who have met the following requirements shall be eligible for graduation and would be allowed to participate in the commencement activity:

2.1.  Satisfactory compliance with all academic and non-academic curricular  and extra – curricular requirements of the college;

2.2. Settlement of all financial and property obligations to the college;

2.3. Completed thesis writing and successful oral defense, project feasibility study, or project paper for courses where it is a requirement.

   J.3. Candidates for graduation shall report to the Office of the

   Registrar for the evaluation of records.

   J.4. Students graduating with honors must have  taken 75% of

   the required subject in the College.

J.5.  No student shall be allowed to graduate from the college unless he/she have been in residence  for at least one (1) year prior to graduation.

J.6.  Graduation Honors Students’ over-all excellence in academic performance and/ or outstanding service in and outside  the school community are given due recognition through academic honors and non-academic awards. Academic honors are determined on the basis of the weighted general average and other criteria set by the college; while non-academic awards are determined by the Student Admission and Evaluation Committee. The decision of the Committee is final.

6.1. Immaculate Conception Award- This is the highest award that a graduate can obtain. This is  given to the student who excels in both academic standing and deportment.

6.2 For Degree Courses:

Cum Laude – Candidates must have attained a cumulative weighted average of 1.75 with no grade lower than 2.0 in any subject and with residence at least three (3) years at Immaculate Conception I-College.

     Magna Cum Laude – Candidates must have attained a   cumulative weighted average of 1.5 with no grade lower than 1.75 in any subject and with residence of at least three (3) years at Immaculate Conception I-College.

     Summa Cum Laude – Candidates must have attained a cumulative weighted average of 1.25 with no grade lower than 1.5 in any subject and with residence of at least three (3) years at Immaculate Conception I-College.

K.  Honors, Distinction, and Awards

A College student is regarded as an adult by the school authorities. The responsibility of informing the parents/ guardians of his/her academic standing and the consequences of failures and excessive absences lies with the student. The school shall not be held responsible for failure of the students to inform parents of their academic standing.

K. 1. Outstanding Academic Performance (OAP)

1.1. Outstanding academic performance is recognized through the publication of Outstanding Students on the Academic Bulletin Board at the beginning of every semester.

1.2. A certificate will be awarded only to those who qualify for the OAP for two (2) consecutive semesters of the same academic year.

1.3. To qualify for the OAP, a student should meet the following criteria:

1.3.1. Not having been found guilty by the Board of Discipline of any minor or major offense;

1.3.2. A general average of 1.50 and above with no grade below 2.0 in any subject; and

1.3.3. A regular load of at least 18 academic units in a semester.

K. 2. Academic Awards

2.1. Major Academic Awards: Academic Excellence Students maintaining the required standards may be recommended by the Course Chairperson to the Head for Academics for major academic honors.

2.1.1. A grade lower than 2.0 in any academic subject disqualifies a student from Academic Excellence  Award.

2.1.2. A student who has not completed the full academic requirements does not qualify for academic honors.

2.1.3. Candidate for honors must also show exemplary conduct indicative of strong moral values.

K.3. Other Academic Awards

I.1.3. Special Academic Award- This is given to the student who has reached the required weighted average for the academic awards but did not meet the other requirements/criteria as specified above.

  1. Excellence in Computer Science
  2. Excellence in Information Systems
  3. Excellence in Tourism Management
  4. Excellence in Accounting Technology
  5. Excellence in Entrepreneurship
  6. Excellence in Accountancy
  7. Excellence in Psychology
  8. Excellence in Criminolgy
  9.   Excellence in AB Communication
  10.   Excellence in Physical Education
  11. Excellence in BTVTEd
  12. Best in Thesis


  1. BSCS – Best in Thesis & Programer of the Year
  2. BSIS – Best in Capstone Project & Programer of the Year
  3. ACT – Best in Software Engineering/Best in Hardware Project & Programer of the Year
  4. BSAT – Best in Thesis
  5. BSEnt – Best in Feasibility Study
  6. BSA – Best in Accounting Research & Best in Feasibilty Study

K.4. Non-Academic Awards

4.1. Leadership Award

This award is given to a graduating student who:

  1. Has established four (4) consecutive semesters of residency in the college;
  2. Possesses good academic performance;
  3. Must be outstanding in leadership abilities in co-curricular and/or extra-curricular activities;
  4. Must be an active participant in implementing the ICI goals and core values;
  5. Has been a representative of the school in and off – campus activities;
  6. Has brought honor and prestige to the school;

4.2. Community Service award

            This is given to a student who:

  1. Has actively participated in the community extension service of the school; and
  2. Is involved in parish and barangay activities/ organization.

4.3.  Service Award

This is given to a student who:

  1. Has been a student assistant during his/her stay in the college;
  2. Has rendered outstanding services to ICI;
  3. Has shown loyalty to the college by upholding its core values;

4.4  Outstanding Club member Award

            This award is given to a student who:

  1. Has shown leadership and active participation in the activities of the club to which he/she belongs;
  2. Has consistent attendance during meetings and activities of the club;
  3. Has shown loyalty to the club by upholding its constitution and by-laws;
  4. Has shown a sense of reponsibility in pursuing his/her duties and obligations as a member of the club.

4.5.  Special Achievement Award

This award is given to a student who:

  1. Has been a representative of the school in off-campus activities;
  2. Has actively participated in the activities of the school;
  3. Has brought honor and prestige to the school; and
  4. Has good grades with no failing marks.

4.6. Best in Performing Arts

This is given to a student who:

  1. Has been an active member of one of the Cultural Organizations of ICI;
  2. Has shown loyalty to the club/organization to which he/she belongs; and
  3. Has brought honor and prestige to the institution

4.7.  Athlete of the Year

     This Is given to a student who:

  1. Is a consistent member of the college varsity team; and
  2. Has rendered outstanding performance in his/her sport event.

Note:  All the above academic and non-academic awards must be given to a student who has an exemplary conduct and never been involved in any form of violation of the college rules and regulations during his/her entire stay in this institution.

K.5. The preliminary deliberation on academic and non-academic awards shall be conducted per course. It shall be headed by the respective Course Chairperson and participated by the faculty members under him/her. The Course Chairperson submits and recommends the results of the course area

deliberation to the Committee on Awards which is composed of Assistant Heads and the Registrar.

K.6. The final deliberation on academic and non-academic awards shall be conducted by the Committee onawards. The result of the deliberation is endorsed to the College Chairperson for approval.