About Us

About Us


Seven people with bright minds, enough resources and brilliant concepts namely: Dr. Neil Mateo, Atty. Normita L. Villanueva, Prof. Alicia Mateo, Mrs. Luisa Mariano, Prof. Mary Ann Marcelo, Prof. Rhia Sarmiento and Prof. Carmelita Almario, have gathered on December 8, 2014 to establish Immaculate Conception Polytechnic, few months after the official signing of the Republic Act 10533 also known as the Enhanced Basic Education Curriculum, of the then Philippine President Benigno Aquino III.

A number of preparations and requirements were set out such as classroom and facilities, academic personnel, marketing and promotions, and recruitment of students. After thorough evaluation of the Department of Education, in March 2015, government permit to operate was issued to the institution. 

In August 2015, Dr. Neil Mateo together with his marketing team was invited by various public schools to provide orientations to the then Grade 10 students regarding senior high school education curriculum. Early registration was conducted and more than 1,800 Grade 10 had expressed their intentions to enroll in ICP. Official enrollment ensued from January up to June 2016.

And enrollment count was finalized to 1,348 official enrollees, all from public schools. ICP had rated as the biggest senior high school in the DepED Bulacan Division, second in the entire province.

ICPians had also discovered pool of writers as the school sent students to join the District, Division and Regional Press Conference, DepEd’s most prominent academic contest. A group of writers was recruited as staffers of ICP’s publication -Katha. Several organizations of different interests were established such as ICP Student Council, ICI Dance Group, bands, track and strand clubs, etc. Other special events were successfully organized such as acquaintance party, sportsfest, and anniversary celebration during the school year 2016-2017.

On June 6, 2016, ICP opened its doors to the first Grade 11 ICPians. The institution joined the prestigious Bulacan Association of Private Schools as member school. And during the academic, cultural and sports competition of BULPRISA in August 2016, the ICPians have showcased their talents, skills and innovations, luckily, most of them brought home the bacon.

Innovations in curriculum were also developed to enhance students’ academic standing, readiness for college, and being job ready after senior high school. All of these are offered for free. ICP hired college professors, industry practitioners and instructors to handle specialized courses in STEM, ABM, GAS, HUMSS, and TVL-ICT / HRCTO to maintain the high standard of program delivery and teaching.

The provider of physical plant, our partner, San Roque Realty Inc. had built new building to accommodate the increasing population of senior high school students. In was inaugurated on June 2, 2017.



Service for all.

Success for all (felix exitus).



Immaculate Conception Polytechnic envisions to be a leading educational institution in the province which shows excellence and innovations in its academic programs.



ICP is established to provide quality human capital development and impart knowledge, skills, and competencies making individuals to be college-ready, job-ready, and life-ready who are well-rounded, nationalistic, and God-fearing.



ICP maintains an academic environment where members of its community are valuing:

Love of God

Love of Country

Love of Humanity

Love of Mother Earth



  • To attain institutional goals and mission, ICP is geared:
  • To offer academic and technical-vocational programs set by the Department of Education in various tracks and strands.
  • To hire, train and retain academic and non-academic personnel who have outstanding performance and are being loved by the students.
  • To provide a campus environment which are conducive to learning and facilities/laboratories needed during program delivery and classroom instructions.
  • To organize extra and co-curricular activities which mold students’ physical, social, mental and spiritual ability and talents.
  • To be involved in civic welfare and community extension and awareness activities by implementing projects and programs related with global warming issues, disaster preparedness, HIV and reproductive health.

To establish partnership to different industries and businesses local and abroad for the immersion placement and employment of future graduates.