A message from the Men’s Basketball Volleyball Team Captain

Posted on: March 26, 2019
A message from the Men’s Basketball Volleyball Team Captain

A message from the Men’s Basketball Volleyball Team Captain, Mark Joseph Dizon.

Hello Senior High Icons, we are ICP MENS VOLLEYBALL TEAM. We made it to the finals in "RISE INTER-HIGH SCHOOL LEAGUE" we made it because of hardships, with amalgamation of skills and unity. So that, we would like to thank with sincerest gratitude for the help and support of the following;

To Almighty God for his worthy undying love to the us, through his guidance he gave us strength to expand our cooperation and skills in this league.

To our Coach , Ms. Janina De Leon, for instilling to each and every one of us the value of character and trust. For her guidance and support to all of us by inspiring us that we are strong and we can win in every game, for her financial and moral support in every game. We owe you a lot Coach!

To ever supportive Former Coaches, Mr. Mark Daniel Tolibas and Mr. Cris Perez, for their undying love and support to our team. We are very blessed to have you both.

To our school heads, Ma'am Chin and Atty. Villanueva, for their never ending support and trust. Thank you very much for allowing us to join to this league.

To all significant persons who in one way or another assisted us with sincerity and efforts. This will be treasured and appreciated by us constantly and invariably.

Kapitana, signing off.