Courses Offered

Courses Offered


Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM)

The Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM) strand marries creativity, mathematical application, and business sense to prepare the best business professionals of tomorrow. Taking ABM subjects in senior high school will introduce students to the concepts of financial management, business management, corporate operations, and accounting. Students who select this route will be prepared for colourful careers as managers, accountants, and business owners. Students who select this route will be prepared for colorful careers as managers, accountants, and business owners. These ABM courses will equip them with the necessary industry know-how and skills to perform well in their professions and run their businesses smoothly.

Designed to prepare students who are inclined to take college degrees related to business and management programs, taking ABM in senior high school will be about the basic principles of the various functional areas of business such as marketing, finance and accounting, information and technology, and entrepreneurship. The ABM strand is the perfect combination of practical skills and application, as well as shaping senior high school students to adopt the right mindset for crisis management and problem solving on the job and behind their businesses.


General Academic Strand (GAS)

The General Academic Strand (GAS) is designed to prepare students who are more inclined to general areas of study rather than specialized fields, GAS will present the option for SHS students to take their electives from specialized subjects of any other strands


The  Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS)

The  Humanities and Social Sciences HUMSS strand in senior high school is designed to effectively prepare students who seek to pursue a college degree in liberal education. HUMSS courses cover a variety of subjects, looking at the world and its people from various points of view. The learning activities are directed towards the development of critical thinking.

HUMSS also focuses on developing your oral communication, media and information, and will hone your skills in reading and writing to a professional level. Because the HUMSS strand is intended for those who wish to explore careers in social sciences, this strand will involve a lot of research and presentation, making it a good preparation for their future careers as journalists, lawyers, teachers, politicians, writers, and psychologists.


Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math STEM

The Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math STEM Strand is designed to prepare students who express keen interest in taking college degrees focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), senior high school students will be exposed to learning activities that will hone their knowledge and skills in analyzing data, understanding real-world impacts, and conducting research.


Information Communication and Technology  (ICT)

The Information Communication and Technology or ICT Strand is one of the strands offered under Technical-Vocational Livelihood (TVL) Track of K-12 curriculum. ICT strand subjects seek to teach students concepts and skills in information technology.

ICT in Senior High School equips students with the skills and knowledge they need to qualify for TESDA-backed certifications such as the Certificate of Competency (COC) and National Certifications (NC). These ICT strand courses ensure that TVL track graduates of the ICT strand in SHS can apply for IT jobs straight out of high school.


The Home Economics (THE)

The Home Economics track offers various specializations that can lead to livelihood projects at home. This strand aims to give you job-ready skills that can help you in finding the right employment.